Sea of Thieves’ Second DLC “Cursed Sails” Is Here!

And it’s free!

Avast ye, skaliwags! Man the cannons and kiss your Dungbie goodbye! There are skeletons on the horizon.
The second AND FREE DLC for Sea of Thieves is here and it’s called Cursed Sails. That’s right, those pesky skeletons guarding buried treasure chests now have sea legs, and have declared war upon the living.
THIS is what the game needed. Some NPC ships that you and your buds can take aim at. But be careful: These bony pirates can fire “cursed cannonballs” which can cause quote “chaos and confusion.”
But THIS AIN’T the only new thing. A three-person brigantine ship freshens up the variety of boats and crews NOW have the ability to create alliances. Do this by hoisting the “Offer Alliance” pennant flag on your ship and PRAY you don’t take a cannonball to the poop deck.
By calling truce with other pirates, it will be easier to complete the Cursed Sails Campaign. A journey that leads pirates towards the origin of the undead uprising through numerous quests and battles. But be careful teaming up with other pirates because, well, they’re pirates.
Along with the DLC, the developer Rare mentioned they have now sold over five million copies of Sea of Thieves.
Think Cursed Sails will get you back on the sea? Let us know in the comments!

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