Jackal | Gaming Throwback

Hitting the arcade cabinets in 1986, then released on the NES in 1988, this classic run-and-gun was a huge hit. Play as a soldier who’s fiercely determined to rescue POWs. The only ride you’ll need is the army’s advanced all-terrain attack Jeep with its arsenal of guided missiles and incendiary grenades. This game is jam-packed with action. It includes dozens of enemies including ground troops, tank, turrets and even jet fighters that drop bombs on you. Even though this game is technically a vertical scroller, the ability to move any direction gives it the feel of an open world (especially for 1986). And unlike other old-school games, Jackal is fairly manageable. (Like, borderline easy.) The Jeep comes equipped with a machine gun, which fires only north, and a grenade launcher which fires in the direction the Jeep is facing. Upgrade your grenades to a missiles by rescuing special soldiers. Best part of this game is the co-op, ‘cause two ATTACK Jeeps are always better than one. How far did you get in Jackal and which game should we throwback to next time? Let us know in the comments!

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