Earthworm Jim for SNES | Gaming Throwback

First released on the Sega Genesis in 1994, the creators of this fan-favorite series was inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog. You play as Jim, an earthworm who traverses the galaxy in his robot suit with a blaster pistol. His mission? To fight back evil wherever it may be, in the most serious fashion. And don’t forget to use your head, or your entire worm body. Whip enemies or latch onto hooks to help get to different platforms. The memorable characters, colorful stages and wacky music is like candy to young gamers. And in between stages, Jim hops on his rocket to race against Psycrow--as if the game needed any more trippy elements. Did you know Earthworm Jim got his own TV Show? It had two seasons between 1995 and 1996. What’s your favorite part about Earthworm Jim? And which game should we throwback to next time? Let us know in the comments!

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