Call of Duty WWII’s Days of Summer Is Back!

Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and get yourself a cold one ‘cause August is here and Call of Duty WWII’s Days of Summer is in full swing.

First and foremost, there’s a new map…well, more like a play area. Players are transformed into little toy soldiers to see which team reigns supreme in the Sandbox. This layout is a throwback to older team fighting games and is actually a TON of fun. Each side has their own sniping vantage point, there’s an underground passageway and plenty of connecting pathways.
There ARE some things to look out for in this map: There are fake soldiers lined up in the middle that you’re going to shoot at when you first play. Those giant humans all around the sandbox? Well, they aren’t all just for show. The Quartermaster will pick up that magnifying glass and will burn your fucking plastic face off. And no toy soldier game is complete without some bazooka action.
After you rub the sand out of your eyes, make sure and check out the three new weapons which are the Ribeyrolles, the 3-Line Rifle and the Automaton.
And nothing says summertime fun like an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, so head on down to the QuarterMaster for all your floral fashion needs.
Days of Summer was also brought back Leprechaun Hunt and Aerial Dogfighting. But play all these modes fast because the event ends August 28.
Think CoD WWII is how you’ll spend most of Summer? Let us know in the comments!

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