Rated Red: The South’s Top Five Party Streets

The South’s Top Five Party Streets

Go get your freak on.

We’re heading into a holiday weekend. Don’t lie. We know most of you will be eating your face off and getting your drank on. To celebrate, we have a list of five of our favorite, wildest, most exciting streets in the South.

Broadway in Nashville. We’re a little biased, but there’s a reason they call it NashVegas. Lower Broadway downtown has bands, beers, boots and boobs.

Beale Street in Memphis. Grab yourself a big-ass Beale Beer for $5 and roam as free as the blues legends of yesterday. There will definitely be plenty of blues to listen to, but the booze-friendly strip will keep yours at bay.

Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta. Yeah, there are bars and such. But the real climax: the “spas,” strip clubs and countless gay bars. Efforts have been made over the years to clean up the area, but the sin is strong there—so legislation be damned.

Dirty Sixth in Austin. Sixth Street in downtown Austin is known as Dirty Sixth for a very good reason. Blocked off on the weekends, it is a bubbling cesspool. Between the loud, pulsating bars, the street overflows with humanity at its most honest.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans. This notorious street in New Orleans is the wildest, most elegant city you’ll ever experience. With its three-century-old architecture, take a step back in time. Just watch where you step! Dropped like landmines are numerous day-old puddles of “celebration liquid,” a wonderful mixture of old beer, vomit and piss. Yum!

Of course, drink responsibly. Or irresponsibly, as long as you have a designated driver. And hey, if you’re lucky, you might see the Rated Red team out and about. Happy weekend, friends.

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