In God We Trust' to be Displayed in Florida and Tennessee’s Public Schools

Our national motto is getting its debut at public schools in a couple of states this month.

The words “In God We Trust” now have to be prominently displayed in schools in both Tennessee and Florida.
Last spring, both states’ legislatures passed bills mandating that the motto be visible on school grounds.
The phrase first appeared in the U.S. as part of several hymns and patriotic songs during the Civil War. It would eventually be included on two-cent coins in 1864.
The phrase would see select use until nearly a century later, when President Eisenhower approved legislation mandating its appearance on all America currency and making it the national motto.
Along with money, you can also find it in the United States Capitol and Georgia and Florida’s flags.
Meanwhile, some schools in Alabama are now looking into adding “In God We Trust” displays after legislative approval back in February.    
Do you think adding the motto violates the separation of Church and State? 

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