Corona Parent Company Constellation Brands Invests $4 Billion Into Cannabis Producer

The weed industry is getting its biggest investment ever--and it’s coming from the maker of Corona.

Reuters reports that Constellation Brands, is dumping nearly $4 billion into Canadian cannabis producer, Canopy Growth.  
This move comes just before recreational marijuana becomes fully legalized in all of Canada this October.
But this isn’t the first time Constellation has pumped some cash into ganja. Last year it invested $200 million in Canopy to help create a non-alcoholic cannabis-based beverage.
This time, Canopy says it will use the money to gain exposure in nearly 30 countries that may approve medical marijuana.
But don’t think we’ll be seeing any of that green over here. Conrona’s maker says that neither companies have plans to sell cannabis products in the U.S. until it’s completely legal on all government levels.
Do you think we’ll ever see recreational marijuana become legal under federal law? Let us know in the comments!

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