Consuming Moderate Amounts of Carbs May Help You Live Longer, Study Says

Time to pig out out some subs, ‘cause cutting carbs may shorten your lifespan.

A new study published in The Lancet Public Health, found that people who consume a moderate level of carbs had a lower risk of death compared to folks who have a low or high carb diet.
For the study, researchers tracked more than 15,000 people in the U.S. for about 25 years. They found that on average, people who got about half of their energy from carbs were likely to live four years longer than people on extremely low carb diets.
How do you like that KETO?
Those moderate consumers also fared better than people on low carb diets by about two years--and a year longer than people on a high carb diet.
The study notes that too much animal protein and fat can lead to inflammation and aging in the body, while high carb diets, typically rich in refined carbs, can spike glycaemic loads. Gotta love balance.
Do you know someone who needs to cut down on the meat and up their carb intake? Tag ‘em in the comments!

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